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Pro Bono Representation Program Update - 1/8/2019

The Chief Judge of Division One of the Arizona Court of Appeals has appointed two new Pro Bono Attorney Coordinators to recruit and coordinate private volunteer attorneys for the Court of Appeals Pro Bono Program.

In December 2014, the Court of Appeals established the Pro Bono Representation Program to provide private pro bono counsel to pro se parties in selected civil and juvenile appeals and special actions identified by the Court in which briefing and argument by counsel would benefit the Court.  On January 8, 2019, Chief Judge Thumma appointed Eric M. Fraser and Hayleigh S. Crawford of Osborn Maledon to serve as the Pro Bono Attorney Coordinators for Division One.

The Court of Appeals Pro Bono Representation Program is an excellent way for attorneys to serve the public while also sharpening and improving their appellate advocacy skills.  And, as an added incentive, the Court typically sets oral argument in each case selected for the program.  Contact one of the Pro Bono Attorney Coordinators if you would like to serve as a volunteer attorney for the program.

Posted On: 1/24/2019