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State and Local Administrative Law

With the range and complexity of local and state regulations, it's important to have a local-based attorney in Arizona well versed in administrative and regulatory law. At Osborn Maledon our attorneys have the relevant in-depth regulatory experience to vigorously represent our clients in achieving their business objectives.

From the formation of a client's business goals and strategy through the administrative process and judicial review, our experienced administrative and regulatory attorneys represent clients through a wide spectrum of needs. Whether the requirement is for a communications, public utility or healthcare specialist or an attorney experienced in other regulatory matters, our attorneys deal with state and local agencies, commissions and boards on behalf of various types of professionals and businesses.

Regardless of whether an issue is client instigated or is the result of regulator or third-party action, we assess the nature and risks associated with the proceeding in question and adjust the scale and scope of our services and the makeup of our team accordingly. This has proven to be the most effective approach to understanding our client's business needs and providing them with the appropriate strategic business counsel and representation across a wide range of Arizona regulatory matters.

Osborn Maledon attorneys represent clients in:

  • Pursuing state and local procurement of goods and services.
  • Adversary, rule-making and rate-determination proceedings before the Arizona Corporation Commission.
  • Obtaining, challenging and defending state permits and leases before the State Land Department.
  • Obtaining and renewing cable television and other communications licenses from Arizona cities and counties.
  • Obtaining land use permits from Arizona cities and counties.

We often assist other licensed professionals, including doctors, psychologists, social workers, other therapists, nurses, and nursing home administrators when they need advice or representation before a licensing agency.  From addressing agency policy or rule-making to handling the investigatory proceedings or discipline of a specific individual or group, Osborn Maledon attorneys bring to bear the administrative and regulatory expertise necessary to provide the client with effective and efficient representation.

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