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Transgender Legal Issues

Transgender individuals are our co-workers, neighbors, and friends. Many people, however, do not understand what it means to be transgender or the many unique legal issues involving the transgender community.  These legal issues can touch on a variety of practice areas such as employment law, education law, and health care law.  At Osborn Maledon, our team can help you understand these complex issues.  We have experience:

  • Advising educational institutions on their obligations under Title IX;
  • Advising employers on Title VII issues;
  • Advising fraternities and sororities on the admission of transgender members;
  • Developing and facilitating trainings and presentations to educate clients about the transgender community.

Additionally, Osborn Maledon is proud to support and partner with local LGBT organizations such as Equality Arizona and One-n-ten, which are dedicated to advancing transgender rights and providing a safe space for transgender youth.  Our attorneys have served on the board of Equality Arizona and have volunteered for One-n-ten’s Name Change Clinic, where transgender youth can complete a name change petition with assistance from a licensed attorney free of charge.

We understand, respect, and support the transgender community and it is our goal to help our clients do the same.  Whether you are an employer or an educational institution working to ensure that your policies do not discriminate against transgender individuals or you simply want to educate yourself or your employees about the transgender community, Osborn Maledon can help. 

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