Osborn Maledon’s commitment to the community is also expressed through the pro bono legal services and community service activities of our lawyers.

Pro-Bono Services

Examples of our pro-bono undertakings include:

  • Osborn Maledon lawyers represented Timothy Ring, an Arizona man convicted of murder who argued that his death sentence was improper because it was imposed based on facts found by a judge, not a jury. One of our Members successfully argued the case before the United States Supreme Court, which handed down a landmark decision holding that death sentences may not be imposed based on factual findings made by judges alone.
  • We provide legal and other assistance to Homeward Bound, a local philanthropy that provides transitional housing and services to families with children.
  • We assist Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS, a community-based organization providing services to people with HIV, in connection with clinical trials, corporate, tax and real estate matters, including with respect to the development of a new community center that Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS will anchor, financed by City of Phoenix bond monies.
  • We serve as General Counsel to the Grand Canyon Chapter of the American Red Cross.
  • We helped create and continue to provide legal support to the Arizona Justice Project, an organization that assists convicted persons with claims of manifest injustice.