Osborn Maledon’s commercial litigation practice consistently is ranked as one of the best in Arizona by leading legal publications. The reason is that our commercial litigation attorneys not only handle a wide variety of commercial disputes, but also because they do so efficiently and with the overall best interests of the client in mind.

Osborn Maledon’s commercial litigation attorneys are extremely skilled and experienced in handling commercial litigation, particularly complex commercial litigation. Indeed, Osborn Maledon has been described by one leading legal publication as the “go to place” for commercial litigation in Arizona. To achieve success for the client, our attorneys bring to bear a wide range of expertise, substantial litigation and trial experience, and an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs and objectives. Whether the issue involves an alleged breach of contract, commercial torts, or other business disputes, or an issue arising from the parties’ history of business dealings, our attorneys have the experience and legal expertise to resolve the matter effectively and efficiently.

In seeking to expeditiously and effectively achieve a client’s ultimate objectives, our attorneys work closely with the client to develop a comprehensive litigation strategy that takes into consideration the economic issues at stake as well as the risks associated with the litigation. We recognize that each case is unique, and therefore calls for an approach and staffing that is right for that particular case. In some situations, early mediation efforts may be recommended, but in every case, our commercial litigation attorneys focus on achieving the most cost effective and favorable outcome for our clients.

For example, we have successfully:

  • Defeated in arbitration a multi-million dollar claim by a supplier against a Fortune 50 manufacturer
  • Represented a pharmaceutical company in a multi-million dollar dispute with a manufacturer of its products
  • Represented a publicly traded bioscience company in a dispute arising under a stock purchase agreement
  • Represented several large real estate developers in disputes relating to contract terms or other contractual interpretation issues
  • Represented numerous large insurance companies in coverage disputes, including bad faith litigation
  • Represented a national sports organization in several complicated endorsement contract disputes and other complex litigation matters
  • Represented a multi-national company in connection with litigation related to the sale of a business

Whatever the nature of the commercial litigation may be, Osborn Maledon offers the most efficient, experienced, and skilled representation available.  

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