Intellectual property disputes can require some of the most complex and time consuming litigation. This is why retaining attorneys who have a well-developed business sense, an understanding of the complicated technical issues involved and an in-depth grasp of intellectual property law is vital for an efficient and advantageous outcome.

Osborn Maledon lawyers have case-tested legal knowledge, the proven intellectual property litigation experience of handling a full spectrum disputes, and a solid record of success at state, district and federal appeals court levels. Representing both business and individuals in disputes over the ownership and protection of intellectual property rights, our lawyers have handled intellectual property litigation cases covering disputes such as:

  • Alleged patent infringement
  • Misappropriation of trade secrets 
  • Copyright and trademark infringement

Our experienced intellectual property lawyers also regularly handle related claims such as: 

  • Breach of contract claims
  • Alleged violations of non-compete clauses
  • Unfair or deceptive trade practices

Osborn Maledon’s intellectual property litigation lawyers have extensive experience litigating patent, trademark, trade secret, and copyright cases in federal courts around the country. Regularly becoming engaged in complex, multi-patent cases for a wide range of technology areas, our attorneys take a creative approach to litigation, looking for the most effective and efficient ways to achieve our clients’ ultimate objectives. Often providing aggressive litigation in state or federal court, intellectual property arbitration or early mediation efforts, we work with our clients to reach strategic decisions that will support the best possible litigation results.