Helping Startup and Emerging Companies Build Solid Foundations for Success

At Osborn Maledon we are proud of our extensive history as legal counsel and trusted advisor to some of the Southwest’s and Arizona’s most dynamic and exciting startup and emerging companies and their founders. Our deep commitment and experience with startups provides us with a broad knowledge base informed by real-life examples and solutions. Moreover, we uniquely understand the need for startups and founders to have sophisticated legal counsel at efficient pricing, which is not widely available. 

Our Services for Startup and Emerging Companies

We provide a comprehensive suite of corporate governance, contracting and intellectual property services for startups and emerging companies. We take an efficient and lean approach that is designed to help keep our clients’ legal costs down but address key concerns. This includes:

  • Business entity selection and formation
  • Corporate structuring focused on our clients’ specific goals (i.e. obtaining venture capital financing or exiting the business)
  • Intellectual property (IP) registration and licensing
  • IP portfolio management and commercialization
  • Commercial contract drafting and negotiation
  • Risk management and general business counseling
  • Participating in corporate board meetings and management status calls
  • Other outside general counsel services

An Efficient Process That Prioritizes Success

Our process of working with startup and emerging companies prioritizes efficient solutions for successful outcomes. Our attorneys work closely with new clients from the outset, learning their businesses, understanding their strategic goals, and identifying risks. When founders start a relationship with Osborn Maledon, the process involves:

  • Initial Meeting (In Person or Virtual) – Founders meet with our attorneys either in person or virtually to discuss the current stage of their company’s growth, their pain points, and their short-term and long-term objectives. During this meeting, our attorneys begin to explore options in collaboration with founders, and then we conclude with a clear set of next steps.
  • Needs Assessment – After learning about the business, our attorneys identify a client’s needs based on their specific goals and risks, and we take a realistic approach focused on near-term executable solutions.
  • Strategic Planning – Next, we work closely with founders to develop a strategic plan. Unlike many other law firms, we make this a collaborative process to ensure that both our attorneys and our clients understand what is necessary and why.
  • Initial Execution – Informed by the strategic plan and needs assessment, our attorneys work with clients to implement key solutions to build the legal foundation for success.
  • Ongoing Advice and Counsel – After the initial execution phase, we continue to work with our startup and emerging company clients on an ongoing basis. Like all of our services, we custom-tailor our ongoing advice and counsel to our clients’ specific needs and budget.

Let’s Develop a Plan for Your Business

Interested in learning more? Let’s put together a plan for your business. Call 602-640-9000 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation today.