Osborn Maledon lawyers have significant experience representing clients in matters involving Arizona’s open meeting and public records laws. These complex and nuanced laws present compliance challenges and litigation risks for both public and private entities, and avoiding unnecessary issues requires an in-depth understanding of how these laws apply within the context of a particular set of circumstances. Our lawyers help government entities, educational institutions, businesses and individuals navigate the law and effectively protect their interests through compliance and dispute resolution.

We represent clients in matters involving the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) as well. Whether you are seeking information from the government or you need to ensure that information your company or institution has disclosed to the government remains adequately protected, we can help. The lawyers in our Open Meeting Law & Public Records Law practice group have experience handling matters at all levels of government, and we emphasize finding efficient, strategic and cost-effective solutions to our clients’ legal needs.

About Our Open Meeting & Public Records Law Practice

Our open meeting and public records law practice encompasses all facets of compliance, enforcement and litigation. We represent clients in matters at the local, state and federal levels pertaining to public and private entities’ and individuals’ access rights and disclosure obligations. This includes (but is not limited to) matters such as:

  • Public entity compliance with open meeting laws
  • Public entity compliance with public record laws
  • Private entities’ and individuals’ requests for public records
  • Private entities’ and individuals’ requests to preserve the confidentiality of information contained in public records
  • Administrative and civil litigation arising out of open meeting and public records requests

Since our firm represents both public entities and private businesses and individuals, we are able to offer unique perspectives on compliance and dispute resolution in this area. By evaluating the relevant issues from both parties’ point of view, we are able to anticipate potential challenges and proactively propose resolutions that mitigate the risk of protracted disputes and litigation. We emphasize efficiency in all aspects of our open meeting and public records law practice. Our lawyers work closely with our public and private clients to help them establish and demonstrate compliance—with the goal of avoiding unnecessary issues whenever possible.

Given the unique nature of Arizona’s open meeting and public records laws, it is important for both government and private entities to have experienced legal counsel. At Osborn Maledon, the lawyers in our Meeting Law & Public Records Law practice group are intimately familiar with the relevant issues, and we rely on this familiarity to provide strategic, practical and forward-thinking advice to our clients.