Our firm’s Condemnation & Eminent Domain practice group focuses primarily on representing utilities in condemnation proceedings. Our attorneys have had significant success handling land acquisition strategy, pre-condemnation negotiations, administrative proceedings, and civil condemnation litigation on behalf of utilities, including energy providers and water companies.

This is a unique and complex area of the law and, while some principles are well-settled, the legal landscape is still evolving.  With our attorneys’ deep experience in this area, we are able to help our clients sidestep potential condemnation issues that may arise.  When sidestepping isn’t an option, we have the knowledge and capabilities required to tackle our clients’ legal challenges head-on.

Our Condemnation & Eminent Domain Services

Our attorneys handle condemnation and eminent domain matters at all levels. We work with property owners, developers, state and local agencies, and other entities on behalf of our clients to secure just compensation for condemned wells, transmission lines and other assets; and we advise our utility clients on condemnation strategies they might consider in meeting their land entitlement needs.  

Within the condemnation and eminent domain realm, our clients come to us for a variety of different reasons. In some cases, utility companies simply need access that property owners are not willing to give voluntarily. In others, companies are facing roadblocks put in place by state or local authorities. Invalid requirements to apply for approvals, invalid denials, and misinterpretation of governing laws and regulations are a few examples of the broad range of issues we handle for our clients on a regular basis.  We also assist our utility clients in voluntary condemnation transactions, such as in the 2019 landmark case of City of Surprise v. Arizona Corporation Commission, 246 Ariz. 206 (2019), in which we helped secure a critical victory for our utility client before the Arizona Supreme Court.

In all cases, we take an efficient and results-oriented approach focused on helping our clients move forward as quickly as possible. We understand that time is often of the essence in condemnation and eminent domain proceedings. We take this into account in our practice, and strive to help our clients overcome legal and regulatory challenges before they create broader issues for their businesses.

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