Osborn Maledon is unique.  Every firm says it.  We mean it.
Working directly with clients and providing them the best possible legal representation are two experiences Osborn Maledon associates get early and often. We typically work in small teams, often just two lawyers. That makes for great one-on-one training, on challenging work that is frequently on the cutting edge of legal developments.
This small team focus also gives our lawyers opportunities early in their careers to assume significant roles in representing clients and the responsibility for meeting their needs. We view clients as clients of the firm, and not of individual lawyers. We encourage and expect our associates to develop relationships with the clients we serve.
What also sets us apart is how our associates become part of the firm. We only hire lawyers whom we count on to become members. This investment begins day one. It is our culture to treat everyone as colleagues and friends from the day they arrive. New attorneys can expect to be assigned a mentor, will receive continued feedback, and will participate in progress reviews twice annually.  Our onboarding not only consists of an orientation and training schedule but one-on-one introductions to the firm’s departments.    
Below are a few additional benefits that assist with a seamless integration:

Work Life Balance

Our lawyers are client-focused and are dedicated and committed to their needs. But we also value the importance of balancing our professional and personal lives. We encourage all our lawyers – members and associates — to take time for family, friends, community, and recreation. 
  • Billable Requirement – Each Associate is expected to work and record a minimum of 1,800 billable hours each year. Our lower minimum billable requirement means that our associates essentially bill approximately one month’s less time each year than associates who are employed at firms that require a minimum of 1,950 billable hours. 
  • Pro Bono – The firm’s broad pro bono policy provides each of our lawyer’s firm-sponsored opportunities to contribute to the community in ways they consider important.  Allowances will be made for firm approved pro bono hours and/or contingent fee matters.
  • Leave of Absence – Our leave of absence policies provide time for parenting, teaching and government service. Our paid sabbatical program offers members periodic opportunities to travel, teach or just recharge.
  • Work from Home – We make it easy to work from home, when necessary.  There is no “face time” requirement.  
  • Bonuses – Each associate has an opportunity to earn an annual bonus based on the associate’s economic contribution to the firm and other factors.  Those bonuses are determined according to a formula, which means that if an associate works more than 1,800 hours, they will be paid for their time.  In addition, the firm offers discretionary bonuses for associates who have made extraordinary contributions to the firm during the year.

Track to Membership

  • Our partnership track is short – 8 years. Associates get credit toward that requirement for judicial clerkships, private practice, or other professional experience.
  • Associates are hired with the expectation that they will become members, and we anticipate a long professional relationship with the attorneys we hire.

Associate Inclusiveness

  • The firm’s Board of Directors’ meetings are open to all attorneys.  Every lawyer has an opportunity to join the debate on important decisions.
  • An associate’s vote is equal to a member’s and counts in helping to elect the firm’s Board of Directors.  In fact, associates can, and have, served on the Board of Directors.
  • Associates receive full monthly financial reports.
  • Associates actively participate in firm administration and management committees.
  • Associates have an opportunity to assist in recruiting, including interviewing, on-campus interviews, and other events.

 Associate Academy

As part of our review of the onboarding process, the Mentor Committee will oversee an extended “OM First Year Associate Academy,” which will consist of targeted monthly lunch trainings offered during new associates’ first year at the firm, focused on the following topics:

  • Working with secretaries and paralegals.
  • Associate development guidelines / how to succeed at OM.
  • Good billing practices, including time entry.
  • Litigation 101 (the cycle of a case).
  • Writing skills—the research memo & other typical associate writing assignments.
  • Firm history.
  • Time management and stress management
  • Nurturing “client” relationships, including relationships with members in the firm.
  • Tips/strategies for dealing with difficult people—and how NOT to become one!

Commitment to Diversity

At Osborn Maledon, our commitment to excellent lawyering and public service drives us to hire and inspire exceptional attorneys, paralegals, and administrative professionals who reflect the diverse communities and clients we serve.  We provide a professional home where people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives share their talents and successes.  We best serve our clients and community when our colleagues with varied points of view and approaches to problem-solving can collaborate openly to deliver creative and efficient solutions for our clients.

We’ve said we’re unique. You be the judge.

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