Osborn Maledon attorneys provide a wide range of political law advice, with a particular emphasis on campaign finance, corporate compliance, election law, lobbying regulations and related constitutional and ethical issues.   We advise government entities, businesses, non-profits, political committees, organizations with PACs or separate segregated funds, trade associations, political consultants, and candidates on legal issues in this rapidly changing area of law.    

Our experience includes:

  • Advising groups supporting or opposing state or local initiatives or referenda
  • Drafting legislation and initiatives or referenda and advising clients on the implications of draft legislation.
  • Advising on campaign finance compliance issues, including registration and reporting requirements and all applicable regulations
  • Assisting with the formation of independent expenditure committees and other organizations that influence elections
  • Reviewing campaign finance reports for political committees
  • Representing government agencies or political committees in campaign finance enforcement actions
  • Litigating the constitutionality of state election and campaign finance laws
  • Conducting internal investigations related to an organization’s political activities
  • Representing the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission on all issues relevant to congressional and legislative redistricting and defending it in state and federal litigation

The political law team is led by Mary O’Grady who has comprehensive political experience, both representing government officials charged with enforcing and defending campaign finance laws and representing corporations, political committees, and candidates.  Osborn Maledon’s team includes seasoned litigators as well as transactional attorneys who can address the full spectrum of issues that may confront a client, from counseling regarding the formation of political committees or non-profit advocacy groups, advising on compliance issues, to litigating complex first amendment cases.