Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) provides an informal route to cost effective conflict resolution. In ADR, opposing parties have the opportunity to develop their own business solution in a structured setting in ways that may not otherwise be possible.

The attorneys in Osborn Maledon’s Alternative Dispute Resolution group serve as advocates and third party neutrals, and are among the most experienced and well-respected ADR attorneys in Arizona. Fully conversant and experienced in the main routes to ADR – negotiation, mediation, collaboration, and arbitration – Osborn Maledon’s ADR attorneys specialize in solving commercial disputes without resorting to expensive litigation. We assess the relative merits of mediation and arbitration in any type of dispute and recommend the optimum course, serving as advocates where appropriate or as neutral facilitators, mediators or arbitrators.

Our roster of ADR attorneys are qualified as arbitrators and chairpersons for the leading ADR facilitation organizations in the world, including the American Arbitration Association, the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR) and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (London).

Even with short notice, Osborn Maledon’s Alternative Dispute Resolution attorneys can provide parties in a dispute with a thoroughly-prepared, fair and efficient neutral in any area of substantive commercial law. These include:

  • Commercial torts – Fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, unfair competition, interference with business relations and trade secrets 
  • Employment – Wrongful termination, discrimination and executive compensation
  • Environmental – Mining and toxic torts 
  • Contracts – Real property, leases, software licensing, franchising and advertising 
  • Business disputes – Joint venture/partnership/LLC member disputes, merger, acquisition, sale of business, sale of assets, freeze-outs and corporate governance 
  • Securities – Churning, unauthorized trading, unsuitable trading, and shareholder disputes. Osborn Maledon provides an efficient, fair and sophisticated alternative to FINRA arbitration.
  • Insurance – Bad faith actions
  • Intellectual property – Trademark and copyright infringement and licensing disputes
  • Defamation
  • Health care – Payor provider and medical practice disputes
  • Licensing
  • Personal injury

The attorneys in Osborn Maledon’s Alternative Dispute Resolution group have developed a reputation for astute, fair and efficient solutions to every type of commercial dispute.

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