Tim Eckstein joins Jewish Community Relations Council Executive Committee

May 29, 2020

Tim Eckstein, a partner at Osborn Maledon who practices litigation and criminal law, has been elected to serve on the Executive Committee of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Phoenix. He became a member of the JCRC Board in October.

Eckstein has a broad-ranging investigation and criminal defense practice, including white-collar and fraud prosecutions.

Though the JCRC has longtime Arizona roots, it ceased operating in the early 2000s and was revived three years ago to advance the causes of justice, compassion, and equity, fostering education, dialogue, and advocacy in the community.

Eckstein said he was drawn to serve on the Executive Committee because its values are so closely aligned with his.

“The JCRC’s moral commitment to improve our society and build strong community coalitions is something I admire,” Eckstein said. “It has worked with the Arizona Faith Network in support of criminal justice reform, and that’s something I care about deeply. I feel like there’s a real opportunity for me to combine the moral values I have with the legal talents I can contribute and advocate for change.”

Eckstein, a Phoenix native, began his practice at Osborn Maledon in 1998. He has been president of the American Jewish Committee (Arizona Region) since 2012 and an active member in numerous professional organizations, including the Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.