To our valued clients and friends of the firm

April 7, 2020

The world is changing rapidly as we all grapple with COVID-19. Osborn Maledon is taking steps to proceed carefully and responsibly. The safety of our OM family, our clients, and our community is of paramount concern. At the same time, we remain committed to providing excellent, timely, and responsive services to our clients as we always have. In addition to informing employees of preventive steps based on CDC guidelines, we have implemented a number of changes to limit risks, continue serving our clients, and support our employees in these uncertain times. The changes include:

  • Large internal gatherings of attorneys and staff have been discontinued, including all internal lunch gatherings. Internal communications are being handled electronically whenever feasible.
  • All non-client, out-of-state work travel has been suspended. Attorneys are evaluating on a case-by-case basis whether client-related travel is absolutely necessary. 
  • All firm-sponsored, non-client large gatherings are being postponed or canceled. Attorneys are required to assess whether large client-related gatherings can be postponed or handled through remote technology (conference calls or videoconferencing). 
  • Attorneys and staff are urged not to attend large gatherings outside the firm. 
  • If attorneys or staff members travel internationally, there will be an assessment regarding whether the employee should remain home for self-quarantine for an appropriate period of time.
  • Any attorney or staff member who becomes ill cannot come to the office. Anyone with flu-like symptoms is instructed not return to the office for at least 14 days. 
  • If a staff member is placed under mandatory individual quarantine, is diagnosed with COVID-19, or has symptoms consistent with COVID-19 and testing is unavailable, the firm will provide 100% of the staff member’s pay for two weeks. Staff members will not be required to use their paid time off or sick leave during this time. If an employee is required to be absent from work for longer than 14 days for a virus-related reason, the firm will evaluate those situations on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Where possible and consistent with responsibilities to clients, attorneys are encouraged to work remotely, coordinating with the lead lawyer on matters to assure quality and responsiveness of work. 
  • The firm is currently assessing the feasibility for non-attorney employees to work remotely.

We will update our practices as more information becomes available to make sure we are taking appropriate steps to protect our employees and our community while we continue serving our clients.