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Regenesis Biomedical - Venture Capital Financing - $3,240,033

Apta Software - Note and Preferred Stock Financing - $1,800,000

Grayhawk Venture Partners - $2,600,000 Venture Capital Investment in ITax Group, Inc.

Grayhawk Venture Partners - $1,500,000 Venture Capital Investment in Looking Glass, Inc.

Montage Partners in its exit of investment in Cal Sierra Pipe

AttachStor, Inc. - $1,000,000 Preferred Stock Financing

Lytek - Convertible Note and Warrant Financing

SiVerion - Venture Capital Financing - $1,000,000

Apriva - Venture Capital Financing - $4,000,000

InnoCal Venture Capital - Investment in TCI Solutions, Inc.

Learning Edge - Acquisition by EDT Learning, Inc.

DevelopOnline - $11,056,667 Venture Capital Financing

MediaChoice, Inc. Rating Zone - $1,500,000 Venture Capital Financing

Montage Partners Purchase Of Equity Methods, LLC from Equity Analytics, LLC (a Bank of America Merrill Lynch company)

Our Client, CAD-ULAG of Ulm, Germany and its EU and US Subsidiaries became an Intel company

Lytek - $3,800,000 Venture Capital Financing